At Fordyce Computer Mapping Service, we produce and distribute land ownership maps in the Ark-La-Miss region of the United States. We are located in Fordyce, Arkansas where we continue a family tradition of mapping started by T. P. Smith in 1959.

T. P. Smith started his mapping career by making city maps in southern Arkansas. This led to his interest in creating a county map that would display the names of land owners, property boundaries and acreage amounts. Working alone using nothing more than a drafting pen and a protractor, production was very slow at first.T.P. Smith standing in front of his first office building, shortly after it was completed in the early 1960's After many long hours of hard work, dedication, persistence and perseverence, a few counties in South Arkansas were finally made available for distribution.

These parcel maps proved to be a valuable tool for land related businesses in the area and beyond. The word slowly spread about these new land owner maps and plat books, which soon brought an increase in customers. As demand for these land ownership maps continued to grow, family members were brought in and trained in platting, drafting and sales, making it a family run business. T. P. Smith remained completely loyal and dedicated to his family and mapping business until his passing in 1990 at age 77. He left behind a rich legacy of family and mapping. He was well loved and is deeply missed.

Over the last fifty years, more than 100 different counties and parishes have been drafted in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and other states as well. Many of these maps have been updated too many times to count. With over 50 years of experience in map production, it is a well known fact that the Smith family knows mapping well and will continue to excel in producing some of the most accurate, professional and up-to-date land ownership maps available anywhere.

Each land ownership map we produce is professionally drafted using the latest technology in order to provide clients with clear digital images, while maintaining a near perfect level of detail and accuracy.