At Fordyce Computer Mapping, we produce and distribute land ownership maps in the Ark-La-Miss region of the United States.

Whether you are from the delta or hills region of Mississippi or the pine timber lands of southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana, chances are that you have seen our maps hanging on the walls of banks, attorney's offices, court houses, hunting lodges and even service stations. But for those who are unfamiliar with our work, we have provided a few sample map images that demonstrate the quality and accuracy of our products.

If you need county maps that display property boundaries or custom multi colored "PDF" files incorporating a variety of information; we provide high resolution laminated wall maps, in house book bound laser printed plat books, as well as interactive georeferenced e-books. Our custom mapping products and services are catered and crafted to suit most any need. For more information on the types of maps we produce, feel free to contact us using the form found on our contact page.

The experimental concept of Fordyce Computer Mapping began taking shape in 1994 by a part owner of Fordyce Mapping Service, who had discovered that several counties in the Mississippi delta had no current plat maps available; however, after experiencing quick success in Washington, Bolivar and Sunflower Counties, it became apparent that Fordyce Computer Mapping could function as a stand alone business. This inspired Russell Smith to donate his partnership stake to his father (senior partner at Fordyce Mapping Service) and to strike out on his own. Russell had plenty of mapping experience under his belt dating back to the mid 1980's and was able to see his dream of creating a new mapping company realized. See our about page for more information on how the Smiths started making maps in Fordyce, Arkansas.

Our maps, plat books and e-books can be purchased from our secure online store with credit card or PayPal. Orders can also be placed over the phone by calling (870) 250-2621.

We are constantly working on a new map project or updating a previous edition. We have a news page that customers can visit for information on current projects, release dates and other announcements. Click here for our news page.

The maps we produce are layed out in section, township and range format. Visit our information page to learn a little more about surveying, mapping and related stuff.

If you have found yourself on our site looking for map products outside of our territory or area of expertise, before you go, please take a look at our mapping links page for more websites and resources related to mapping.

It is very time consuming to compile and draft an ownership map, which occupies the majority of our work day. However, we will continue to enhance this website by adding more mapping information, free maps and mapping tools. Be sure and Check Back Often.

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Phone: (870) 250-2621